I used to think coffee cup reading was a game. Then I got my cup read and still considered it to be a joke. However, whatever was said has turned out to be true just as predicted. Terrific indeed.!!


Sunanda Shah

Hi, its through your readings I have begun to have faith in tarot card reading…I want to thank you for introducing me to this wonderful creation and also want to give you great regards for bailing me of the miseries….



I was a manglic and was not getting the right person. I then got my astrological reading done here. The inputs given drastically changed my opinion of things. Then I had my cards read as well. The past is now the past and my world changed forever.


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The Psychic Reader

A psychic is the traditional and oldest oracle. An online tarot reader on the other hand is the most recent and a modern marvel. Shivangi has blended the oldest and the modern divination tools to achieve phenomenal accuracy in love tarot card reading. This method has become so famous and reliable that it has made her a household name in love tarot reading.

As a born psychic reader Shivangi is renowned for providing quintessential insights and when tarot is added to this cauldron then the results achieved in love tarot are quite astounding. Psychic tarot reading requires two very distinct tool sets. The intuition, mental discipline, knowledge about body energy and connecting with energies around are all part of a psychic’s tools. Tarot cards, their history, meanings in different combinations and situations are a must for any love tarot reader. To use both tools together within the same reading to divine requires remarkable and unparalleled abilities, focus and demeanor. Shivangi possess exactly that.

She is meticulous in her approach and asks all relevant questions prior to a reading. Never hurried or rushed she understands that it is the energy of the client which is the key to correct prophecies and hence unlike any other psychic or tarot card reader, she does not set a time limit for her readings. This allows the clients to relax as they know they do not have to worry about the time and their natural aura is easily identifiable by her. This allows her access into the energy fields and she is able to connect the cosmos and the aura to provide relevant answers.

When is the right time to go for such a powerful reading? Shivangi says that whenever a person feels he most needs true answers and is in great need to know the future and events yet to unfold this combinative and assiduous reading must be considered.

Again another often asked question is where must one go for such a reading? I.e. should the reading be face to face or an online reading? Shivangi says that it makes no difference. The same cards are going to be picked and the same energy and method used; hence the reading can take place anywhere. Over the phone or online allows a person to ask questions from the comfort of his/her home where the energies are in their natural state and hence over the phone or online might actually be better as noticed in some cases.

If you are someone who is in need of a sincere tarot reader who is diligent and industrious and will answer every single question you wish to ask, then Shivangi is by far the best possible option.

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