Saurabh Nagpal

I have had the most beautiful experience with you..It was so comfortable and easy to discuss my issues with you..I feel happy stronger and relaxed now..
Thank you…


Md. N Khilji

I will become a well known face of the television industry. That’s what was predicted when I was a struggling model way back in 2004. By merely reading a set of cards could reveal that?! I didn’t believe it. It turned out to be true and exactly as predicted was a pleasant surprise. Regards.


Amit Jaiswal

OMG it was simply amazing.Shivangi’s psychic revelations left me slack jawed. How could she know so much about me and my problems? Well, whatever. Fact: her psychic reading gave a tangential change to the direction of my life and I am on the right path now.


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Our Videos

Telephonic Tarot Reading in India

About a decade and a half ago when Shivangi started her telephonic #tarot readings in India, it was a new phenomenon. As is the case with most new ideas, initially most people were circumspect about the idea as well as the accuracy. It took a few years for people to understand that a divination reading was more about the intuition of the tarot reader and the spread of cards than mere personal presence which was not mandatory.

As a telephonic #tarot card reader in India Shivangi has enjoyed great success. She has conducted thousands of readings. These have been for the general public, politicians, celebrities and sportspersons. That she has stood the test of time is testimony to the fact that her skills are nonpareil. Her personal aura has had a huge role to play in the successful readings. Being born with the gift is one thing but to hone the skills over a considerable period of time and ensure that people benefit from the hard work has been her true joy and honour.

When a person consults her for a telephonic #tarot card reading in India the only difference is that the person does not sit across the table in person. This has no impact on the quality of the reading because the cards which are picked for that person will be the same. Also since the card reader is the same what she deduces from the deck will also be the same. It is the intuition and ability to read the hidden meanings of the cards which matter most and in these Shivangi is a legendary icon.

Today there are hundreds of telephonic #tarot card readers in India who will read the future. Shivangi is amongst the most experienced and also a professional. This means that she is accurate and understands exactly what the client is seeking. Even though the reading is over the phone she provides as much time as a client may need to ask all questions they need to ask. For a once in a lifetime and memorable experience, from the comfort of your home or office, you may call the great oracle right away.