I took a complete fortuning package and thus a tarot card reading and numerology session began. I had a lot of questions in my mind. As advised on her site, I wrote all my questions down to avoid missing out on asking them. The combo package ensured that questions were dealt from all angles and fronts thus ensuring the most intense yet satisfying session of my life. This was a professional at work was evident and the quality of the reading showed that she had great energy, passion and experience. 3 cheers Shivangi and thanks for the wonderful answers and insights.


Himani Sharma

I love using Shivangi’s soaps and salts.They bring so much calm and peace in my life. Wish I had met you before.

New Delhi


Consulted a lot of astrologers before but had no real change. Shivangi read the charts and numbers and understood what no other did. If one is tired of astrologers and wishes to get a class astrology session, then Maam is the best.


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Tarot card reader in Delhi

As the most famous tarot card reader in Delhi Shivangi has devised several special readings. These cater directly to clients who are seeking customized readings and prefer to seek answers to specific questions or themes only. So for example if you wish to know about your love life, relationship or marriage only then the reading is specifically for these questions. For those who wish to know only about their careers, education, health etc. can also go for a customized reading. The advantage is that the reading is economical and the energies of the tarot goddess are all working towards that subject.

If you are someone who wishes to know in detail about the future about more than one subject or a vast array of questions plague your mind then a comprehensive tarot card reading in Delhi will hold you in good stead. Here Shivangi the renowned divination expert uses all the decks of tarot cards to answer questions from a plethora of fields. This reading has changed the lives of thousands of clients over the years and is also the most sought tarot reading in Delhi.

Shivangi has been the most preferred oracle because she provides the most accurate tarot reading in Delhi.  A career spanning more than a decade and a half has seen her read cards for the celebrities, politicians and sportspersons in Delhi. All of these clients come back time and again when in need of fortuning and this is mainly due to her accuracy which is unprecedented and nonpareil. She prefers to keep a low profile as she devotes her free time and energies to continuously enhance and practice her skills. However, she is easily accessible and is merely an email or call away for all people.

As a person becomes famous in his work the person raises the price of goods or services and provides lesser time. Shivangi is the exact opposite. She has kept her prices economical and still provides unlimited time to clients for all readings thus ensuring that clients receive the finest from the best tarotreader in Delhi.

Amongst all the tarot readers in Delhi Shivangi is among the select few who provides online, over the phone as well as face to face readings. Clients from all over the NCR travel to get their cards and read and future deciphered. Those who seek a tarot reader in Delhi over the phone or internet also consult her because they believe in her accuracy. Tarot Delhi is synonymous with her name as she has read for thousands of clients successfully and continuous to provide the finest and remarkable divination services, which are not available with another reader. For a lifetime experience and to get your future read, consult Shivangi today.

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