I will go to America, will not stay there, will return to India, and continue as a pilot. All turned out to be true after all. The most genuine and authentic tarot card reading there could ever be.


Sunanda Shah

Hi, its through your readings I have begun to have faith in tarot card reading…I want to thank you for introducing me to this wonderful creation and also want to give you great regards for bailing me of the miseries….



I took a complete fortuning package and thus a tarot card reading and numerology session began. I had a lot of questions in my mind. As advised on her site, I wrote all my questions down to avoid missing out on asking them. The combo package ensured that questions were dealt from all angles and fronts thus ensuring the most intense yet satisfying session of my life. This was a professional at work was evident and the quality of the reading showed that she had great energy, passion and experience. 3 cheers Shivangi and thanks for the wonderful answers and insights.


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Runes Reader in India

Runes are considered to be the most powerful tool of divination. This distinction has been achieved because legend has it that the Nordic Gods preferred #runes reading for divination. When the Gods themselves are using the medium then it was obvious that others would try it too.

Shivangi the best #runes reader in India has been a professional reader for over a decade and a half. People who understand the power of the runes consult her because they understand and realize the potency of this art form and also the expertise of Shivangi as an expert. To a lay person the signs and symbols may merely be just that, but to her they are the strongest occultist tool available to mankind.

A rune reading is an ancient art and anyone who truly wishes to know about their future then this form will be of immense benefit. Accurate #runes reading in India is what anyone will desire when they consult a professional and Shivangi provides the most accurate readings through it.

If one wishes to know about their career, love life, marriage or relationship, travel, health or about their friends or family then the best #runes readers in India can certainly help. They can utilize the runes and divine and provide the answers one is seeking. There is nothing that is beyond the purview of this extraordinary occultist form. It can be relied upon for all types of questions or issues.

Unlike other fortuning forms runes has traditionally not enjoyed a strong following. However, as the word of mouth spread and people began to see and feel the difference, this art has caught up and now people demand a runes reading straight away over other forms. Shivangi has had a great role to play in runes becoming famous in India. This is because she has continued to read runes professionally and explained to people for years about the great accuracy of runes.

If you are in doubt about the future and wish to know once and for all about what the future has for you, then a professional #runes reading in India by Shivangi should be considered.

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