For the 90 minutes of the reading I was in another world all together! It was a dream world no doubt, where all questions were dissected in detail and answered with composure and clarity. Good work.


Md. N Khilji

I will become a well known face of the television industry. That’s what was predicted when I was a struggling model way back in 2004. By merely reading a set of cards could reveal that?! I didn’t believe it. It turned out to be true and exactly as predicted was a pleasant surprise. Regards.



Genuine, likeable, relaxed and to the point. That was my tarot card reading with Shivangi. She did not beat around the bush, rather made things amply clear regarding events and people. This is how a true reading is conducted.


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Psychic Tarot Hyderabad

Quite often people who require divination are unable to decide if they require a fortune reader in Hyderabad or are looking for more from a reading. Is there a difference between the two? Yes, and it is quite startling. To begin with a psychic tarot reading in Hyderabad means that the reading will answer questions like any other occultist art form but will go a step further and also reveal the reasons for things as they stand, have occurred or will come to pass in the future.

Shivangi is the best psychic in Hyderabad and has a mass following. She says that people who are looking for only answers to their questions should prefer a tarot card reading in Hyderabad. Those who are seeking more than just straight forward answers and are interested in the depth of the issue should ideally consider a psychic tarot in Hyderabad.

It makes no difference whether a person takes a online reading in Hyderabad or a more traditional face to face reading. The cards used and the reader and her energies remain the same in both forms, so a person can opt for either even though the former is more economical and preferred these days while the latter provides the same answers but is more time consuming.

If one is considering a future reading or a divine reading it is important to remember that every card reader in Hyderabad is different even though they may use similar tarot decks. This is due their experience and powers of intuition. For Shivangi, card reading in Hyderabad is a full time profession and not a merely a hobby. She reads cards and fortunes for a living and is totally engrossed in the occultist arts.

As the most authentic psychic in Hyderabad Shivangi recommends that the clients take a bath by sprinkling a few drops of rosewater in the water prior to a reading to be fresh and have stronger energies. This allows for a better bond between the energies of the psychic and the person. Being bare feet and connected to the ground (ideally in natural mud or grass) allows the earth element to assist in fortuning and leads to a more powerful and accurate reading in Hyderabad. A glass of fresh water with a pinch of rock or Himalayan salt also energizes the aura within and relaxes a person before a reading. The calmer a person is during a reading the better the energy synchronization and thus a better and more amazing tarot card reading in Hyderabad.

The ability to provide glimpses into the future and answers is a gift of nature and as such cannot be learnt or acquired. Shivangi was born with these and is thus able to provide the most genuine divination in Hyderabad.

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