Genuine, likeable, relaxed and to the point. That was my tarot card reading with Shivangi. She did not beat around the bush, rather made things amply clear regarding events and people. This is how a true reading is conducted.


Amit Jaiswal

OMG it was simply amazing.Shivangi’s psychic revelations left me slack jawed. How could she know so much about me and my problems? Well, whatever. Fact: her psychic reading gave a tangential change to the direction of my life and I am on the right path now.


Saurabh Nagpal

I have had the most beautiful experience with you..It was so comfortable and easy to discuss my issues with you..I feel happy stronger and relaxed now..
Thank you…


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Our Videos

Psychic Readers in India

Are you tired of visiting various types of fortune tellers and psychic readers in India? Are your questions still unanswered and worry you often? Are you in search of the most accurate psychic reader in India?

If yes then your quest has finally found its shore because Shivangi, the best psychic reader in India has the ability to answer all your questions convincingly and with reliable accuracy. Not only are her skills nonpareil but they are very insightful as well.

If one requires life changing prophecies then her expertise are indispensable. Her calm persona, demeanour that has a powerful and charismatic aura, youthful and vigorous energy, coupled together allows her to be clairvoyant beyond ones expectations. This means that once she begins a psychic reading she transcends the bondage of the physical and is able to connect with the core of the person’s being, thereby able to see which is beyond the purview of the senses. Few psychics in India can match this mesmerising skill.

After thousands of accurate readings she is the most famous psychic in India. Her professionalism and work ethics are par excellence and this allows clients to be precise and candid while putting across their questions. No psychic in India can claim to answer every single question that is asked, but Shivangi does just that.

She never hesitates and is bold in her response. Clients admire her for this skill and return time and again to the best psychic in India. New ones flock to her once they are informed by those whose reading has been conducted about the life changing prophecies.

With her enthusiasm and truthful answers she has carved out a niche for herself amongst the famous psychic readers in India and become a name to reckon with.