I found Shivangi through a common friend who had highly recommended her. Just as predicted, she revealed the hidden truths and provided concrete answers. I am hugely indebted to her divination abilities which have comprehensively changed my life for the better.



I had no idea that a numerology reading could bring out so much. I was circumspect in the beginning but after the reading I realized that if the reader is genuine the magic will happen.

New Delhi

Noor Akhtar

My mother had a seemingly incurable stomach ailment. Doctors gave up hope, so did we. Now, thanks to Shivangi, the ailment is gone due to her divine healing and smiles have come back into our lives.I am very weak in giving recommendations,but this one I would surely vouch for…


Online Runes Reader in India

As one of the most powerful forms of divination across the western world, runes now have a major following even in India. The runic symbols which remained shrouded in mystery for a considerable period of time are now amongst the primary occult forms.

Shivangi, a professional #online runes reader in India has been around for over fifteen years. Her website www.shivangitarot.com is today a renowned platform from where a person can consult her directly and get his/her runes reading done. Unlike any other major #runes readers in India, she is famous for being patient and easygoing and yet remaining professional. This allows for a serene environment to exist which is conducivefor a good #runes reading.

Accurate #runes reading in India requires exceptional powers of concentration, intuition and connection with the symbols. The perfect #runes owned by Shivangi are special. They have their own magic box and are cleansed pre and post every reading to ensure perfect #readings.

Even though the runic symbols and alphabets continue to amaze and intrigue the non-occultist mind, they also challenge the professional expert. The depth of answers and insights which are available through them are breathtaking. A born #psychic Shivangi mastered them early in her childhood and today is able to provide meaningful answers as the most accomplished and best #runes reader in India.

Shivangi’s main reason for becoming a professional #occultist was to assist as many people as she could. This zeal to heal and divine for people inspired her to become a professional in this field. Her passion and knowledge along with her expertise led her to become the most famous #runes reader in India. Today she is the most sought professional due to her accuracy and amount of time provided.

If you too are someone who is depressed in life, has issues pertaining to marriage, love, relationship, career, travel, family and health etc then book an appointment with Shivangi the expert #runes reading sensation in India and resolve the issues of your life with the help of the divination tools of the ancient Gods.

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