The best coffee cup reading ever. Shivangi read the cup with such surety that I had no doubts left in my mind. This is the finest coffee cup reading in the world folks, believe it.


Noor Akhtar

My mother had a seemingly incurable stomach ailment. Doctors gave up hope, so did we. Now, thanks to Shivangi, the ailment is gone due to her divine healing and smiles have come back into our lives.I am very weak in giving recommendations,but this one I would surely vouch for…


Amit Jaiswal

OMG it was simply amazing.Shivangi’s psychic revelations left me slack jawed. How could she know so much about me and my problems? Well, whatever. Fact: her psychic reading gave a tangential change to the direction of my life and I am on the right path now.


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Online Psychic Reader

In a league of their own, psychics are known to possess powers that are extraordinary. It does not include the use of any tools like charts, cards or numbers etc. This makes becoming a psychic reader all the more difficult. Other forms of divination for once may be mastered by rigorous practice, but this is one that is latent within a person and masters are said to be born with this gift of the occult.

Online psychic is a relatively new trend given the age of the net itself is not more than two decades old but its success is to be seen to be believed. Being an online psychic reader is perchance more difficult compared to any other esoteric art in the world. For one, the art itself derives its power and energy from the subconscious of the psychic and secondly when the person is at a distance it is advised that only the very best psychic readers be consulted.

Shivangi is amongst the best psychic readers in the world and boasts of clients from across the globe and from diverse cultures. This has been possible due to her being an accurate psychic reader, one whose gifts are best experienced in a full psychic reading conducted by her.

Online psychic readers are considered to possess powers beyond the intellect of the human mind. Shivangi’s positive energy is a living example of it. From great distances she has the ability to reveal to her clients the hidden mysteries of what awaits them in the near and distant future. She can also heal a person with this energy, something not too many online psychics can even dream.

The world of the psychic is full of mysteries, charms and buzzing energy. Shivangi Tarot understands this, and when people consult her she uses all her powers to assist the person to the best of her abilities. Zen like calm, maturity way beyond her age, professional that other psychics strive for, accuracy her forte and clear and precise answers her hallmark, Shivangi is the household name in the world of fortuning through august art.