Sakshi Bhasin

Life is all about numbers. I knew it, but when I went for a numerological reading I was surprised to see their influence on our day to day life. Things right infront of our eyes are missed but my online fortune teller was kind enough to provide ample time to me along with necessary answers.

New Delhi


In a world full of quacks and freeloaders I found the shining gem. Clear, precise, professional and quite upfront about expectations, I received a 100%accurate numerology and astrology session. Thanks.


Suresh Gupta

My vote is for the special salt therapy that Shivangi gave me when I was suffering from emotional issues.. It is relaxing and gives you a spa type treatment at home..
Thank you…


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Online Psychic in Delhi

The original and oldest form of divination is through a natural powerful psychic. The powers of the psychic are immense and diverse. They have tools which are supernatural to lay humans but are actually advanced sensory perceptions coupled with extraordinary intuition. Their foresight and ability to connect with the subconscious allows them to do amazing things and read the signs of nature accurately to provide answers pertaining to the future.

There are a plethora of #psychics in Delhi. At first sight one is spoilt for choice. However, most of them are not professional and others lack experience. Unlike any other form of divination, being a psychic means using the mind, perception, self-aura and intuition as tools to deliver what the client requires. These skills are inbuilt and really cannot be learnt or acquired from someone. So if you too are searching for a professional psychic reader in Delhi, it is best to consult known icons of the field like Shivangi.

What can a psychic do what other occultists cannot? This is an often asked question. As a psychic it requires connecting the living energy and the very being to that of the client, whereas with other divination forms it is the tool which connects with the energy of the person. Psychic reading in Delhi is the most powerful form of fortune telling available anywhere and one must use it when true and genuine future reading is required.

Shivangi is the most renowned online psychic in Delhi and has practiced the art for over two decades of which fifteen years have been as a professional. She has assisted thousands of people including celebrities from all over the world. She has also trained many psychic readers in Delhi to perfect their art so that more people can be reached and helped.

If you are facing a crisis in life and require genuine answers regarding the future then a session with Shivangi will be of immense help. The issue could pertain to any sphere of life from love, marriage, relationship to health, carrier, travel education or loss of a loved one, Shivangi’s psychic reading will surely be of use.