Sunanda Shah

Hi, its through your readings I have begun to have faith in tarot card reading…I want to thank you for introducing me to this wonderful creation and also want to give you great regards for bailing me of the miseries….



After a terrible break-up I kept trying to patch up with my partner. Then Shivangi read my cards and I pondered on what she said. I took her advice and with time it all turned out as she had said.


Noor Akhtar

My mother had a seemingly incurable stomach ailment. Doctors gave up hope, so did we. Now, thanks to Shivangi, the ailment is gone due to her divine healing and smiles have come back into our lives.I am very weak in giving recommendations,but this one I would surely vouch for…


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Numerology Reading in Hyderabad

Names and numbers play a great role in our lives. We are recognized by our names and most wish their name to be well renowned. Numbers on the other hand govern our lives. The scientific art of numerology is with the assistance of alphabets and numbers to provide qualitative divination. This magnificent numerology reading in Hyderabad which can reveal all and also reveal the path ahead is available with Shivangi.

She uses the date of birth and name along with her superhuman power of intuition to provide the most accurate numerology readings in Hyderabad. There are times when a person may un-intentionally be using a name or number which is not suitable as per their numerological horoscope. This where Shivangi comes in and provides the answers by revealing what must be done for a more constructive and happy life. Several imminent people have with the assistance of this online numerological reader in Hyderabad transformed their lives.

Amongst the most accurate numerology readers in Hyderabad she is also the most sought and economical. With the help of this magical reading, event to occur can be gauged by emerging patterns. How something will be beneficial and something won’t, can be easily answered by this legendary numerological reader in Hyderabad.

We all love our names but have you ever wondered whether the name assigned to us matches the astronomical horoscope? Whether the number of letters in our names is correct as per our aura? Are you aware that a mere change in a number or alphabet can dramatically alter our life? If you wish the constellations to guide you and want to check whether the alphabets and numbers in your name and life are correct then the time has arrived to consult the best numerology reader in Hyderabad.

Which are the numbers that are lucky for you and the ones that aren’t? Which alphabets are assisting your growth and the ones hindering it? These two questions must form the basis for your reading. A brilliant numerological reader in Hyderabad will be able to ascertain all this in a comprehensive reading and provide in depth quantitative resolutions.

Shivangi is an iconic numerology expert because she is a professional in the art. Years of training and readings have made her not only accurate but also the most reliable numerology reader in Hyderabad.

She is easily assessable over the phone, online and in person. Most of her clients prefer an online or telephonic reading as it is economical, faster and can be conducted at short notice. Again there is no difference between readings which are online, over the phone or in person as the answers for a person will remain the same. If you too wish to better your life then feel free to consult the powerful numerological reader in Hyderabad.

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