I took a complete fortuning package and thus a tarot card reading and numerology session began. I had a lot of questions in my mind. As advised on her site, I wrote all my questions down to avoid missing out on asking them. The combo package ensured that questions were dealt from all angles and fronts thus ensuring the most intense yet satisfying session of my life. This was a professional at work was evident and the quality of the reading showed that she had great energy, passion and experience. 3 cheers Shivangi and thanks for the wonderful answers and insights.



In a world full of quacks and freeloaders I found the shining gem. Clear, precise, professional and quite upfront about expectations, I received a 100%accurate numerology and astrology session. Thanks.



In me you have a supporter for life Shivangi, after the stupendous tarot reading.


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Magnificent Tarot Reader in Delhi

Often as human beings we find ourselves surrounded by doubts and plagued by problems. The reasons would differ for individuals but the effect these problems have on the human mind and body have lasting consequences and impressions. Some people are unable to cope with the sheer weight of these issues as they are unable to believe that such things are happening to them. At such junctures in life, it is a wise decision to consult someone like Shivangi, who is a tarot reader in Delhi. 

As a divination professional expert she is also a healer. This allows her to not just provide answers regarding questions, the future but she is also able to provide goods and services to heal a person, physically, mentally or emotionally. During her fifteen plus years of professional experience as an occultist she has conducted thousands of sessions where she has seen people lose their loved ones due to tragedy’s, those loved have betrayed, career’s in doldrums, marriage’s and relationships in turmoil’s and lives in complete disarray.  Hence she is best able to understand the problems of people with her experience and this is precisely why she provides more than ample time to every single client so that no question is left unanswered during a #tarot card reading in Delhi session.

As the most magnificent #tarot card reader in Delhi Shivangi is easily accessible. She understands that when a person is facing an issue sometimes the person wants to know the answers to the future but at the same time is reluctant to meet in person for a face to face reading. That is why when a person calls her she is open to providing assistance over the phone, Skype and face to face session. This allows a person to be in his/her comfort zone even prior to a session and gets thus receives the best #tarot reading in Delhi.

No matter what your problem or questions in life are, no matter how bleak the future seems, consult Shivangi without hesitation. Divination is her forte and with her divine magic and answers, she always delivers the very best.

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