Smita Mittal

Runes reading by Shivangi is a lovely and enlightening experience where I learnt so much about this ancient art and also received the benefit of Shivangi’s expertise in giving me right pointers.
From a non-believer I become a staunch fan of Runes and there is great merit in this system.



I took a complete fortuning package and thus a tarot card reading and numerology session began. I had a lot of questions in my mind. As advised on her site, I wrote all my questions down to avoid missing out on asking them. The combo package ensured that questions were dealt from all angles and fronts thus ensuring the most intense yet satisfying session of my life. This was a professional at work was evident and the quality of the reading showed that she had great energy, passion and experience. 3 cheers Shivangi and thanks for the wonderful answers and insights.


Himani Sharma

I love using Shivangi’s soaps and salts.They bring so much calm and peace in my life. Wish I had met you before.

New Delhi

Love Tarot Reading in India

Love tarot reading in India is more a western phenomenon than an Indian occultist art form like astrology etc. The success of love #tarot readers in America and Europe meant that it was only a matter of time that this became a divination reality in India.

As a tarot reader in India, Shivangi realized that she was receiving a lot of calls from aggrieved lovers, youngsters who wanted love in their life, some wished to reunite with their loved ones, people not sure about their marriages or partners etc. She then from her exceptional deck of tarot created a specific love #tarot reading in India. Little did she realize that within a decade this would be the most sought form of divination for people who had questions about love.

Shivangi possesses a special love #tarot deck. Prior and post every reading she ensures that it is cleansed from all energies so that every reading is unique and as true as possible. Even though she is renowned for accurate #love tarot readings in India, she does conduct comprehensive as well as customized tarot readings.

Being a love #tarot reader in India is a challenging job. Expectations are always through the roof and some expect a tarot reader to be God! A tarot reader is however only as good a client wishes. This might sound surprising, but if a client is not honest and provides incorrect or incomplete information then the results of the reading will not be as required. Again if a client does not believe in the reader the reading results may not be precise. Love #tarot readers in India like in any other place use their aura to predict, along with their tarot deck and intuition. They connect with the energy of the client and if the belief is not present or is weak, then the results can be imagined.

So if you are someone who is looking forward to a genuine love #tarot card reading in India, it will be prudent to believe. The stronger the belief in the reader and the cards, the stronger will be the bond which is established. This will lead to excellent predictions. Consult Shivangi today, and see your love life flourish.

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