I found Shivangi through a common friend who had highly recommended her. Just as predicted, she revealed the hidden truths and provided concrete answers. I am hugely indebted to her divination abilities which have comprehensively changed my life for the better.



I was advised a runes reading and it turned out the best fortuning for me ever. Plain, simple, honest and true. What else could one want?!



In a world full of quacks and freeloaders I found the shining gem. Clear, precise, professional and quite upfront about expectations, I received a 100%accurate numerology and astrology session. Thanks.


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Love Tarot Reading

Love tarot reading is a special tarot reading designed by Shivangi. She uses her special deck of the major arcana to divine and provide answers to questions related to love, relationship and marriage. Love tarot has been made famous by her audacious yet brilliant answers to clients.

Love tarot card reading requires immense skills, intuition and knowledge. Shivangi possesses these in abundance and is also a guide to budding tarot card readers. To be able to decipher and fully understand a complex situation about love is tough but she is able to handle it with aplomb.

Intuition is an excellent tool and asset for a tarot card reading. Shivangi’s instincts have made her a powerful force in the occultist world. With her extraordinary sense of perception she has been able to resolve the relationships, marriage and love issues of thousands of clients over the last decade and a half. Her abundant knowledge and experience allows her to gauze perfectly an existing scenario and predict with confidence.

There are people who have lost their partners, some have separated, others are looking for their dream better halves. Some are in doubt about their partners and some are not sure about their existing love patterns. Some people wish to know when they will meet their ideal partner. Others wish to know if the partners will make them happy?  These and similar questions are asked by clients almost every day and Shivangi never disappoints. With her famous powers of intuition and legendary love tarot cards she answers every single question that she is asked. She reveals things as they are. Do not expect sugar coated words as she reveals things straight up. This is also the reason which has made her the most iconic and accurate tarot reader.

When a person consults her for a love reading, it is wise to remember that the belief of the person in the reading has a great impact on the outcome. If one does not believe in it at all, then the result may vary as the intuition and aura being used will change. But for the person who has strong belief then the result will be more positive.

As a love tarot reader Shivangi cleanses the tarot deck after every single time to ensure that all readings are perfect. If one is seeking the most accurate tarot reading from the very best tarot reader, then the person will do well to be prepared for any answer. Also keep in mind that Shivangi conducts her sessions in her own set way to derive the best result, hence it is advised that the client permit her to carry out the reading.

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