I had consulted several tarot card readers in India who promised the world. Shivangi is of a different breed. She was realistic and honest and thus far the best I have contacted. Cheers.



Genuine, likeable, relaxed and to the point. That was my tarot card reading with Shivangi. She did not beat around the bush, rather made things amply clear regarding events and people. This is how a true reading is conducted.


Amit Jaiswal

OMG it was simply amazing.Shivangi’s psychic revelations left me slack jawed. How could she know so much about me and my problems? Well, whatever. Fact: her psychic reading gave a tangential change to the direction of my life and I am on the right path now.


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Legendary Divination Master in India

For millenniums India has been considered the spiritual land. A place where the birth of many occultist arts took place and plethora of saints and divination masters flourished. Even as the scientific world progressed the charm of meditation and spirituality also grew stronger. Science brings out the facts while the faith and belief is strengthened by spirituality and the arts of divination.

Shivangi of the www.shivangitarot.com fame is a living example of a living legendary #divination master in India. She is adept at most esoteric arts and has mastered and practices the #tarot card in India, #astrology, #runes, #psychic reading, #coffee cup reading, #numerology and healing to name a few.

A prodigy who became a legend is the true story of Shivangi the famous #tarot card reader in India. She is a full time practicing professional #fortune teller in India and reads for people from across the world. Her clients are from America, Australia, Europe, Dubai and Canada etc. Corporates, professional actors/actresses and sportspersons etc. have all witnessed and experienced the magical #readings of Shivangi and they swear by her name when it comes to fortuning.

As an accurate #psychic in India she is reliable and easily accessible. She has ensured that none are left out due to distances in time and place. Hence she provides her mystical #occult services, over the phone, skype, whatsapp, in person as well as on email. This allows people to choose the method they like and are comfortable with. If you too are someone who wishes to get answers to pressing problems and glimpses into the future then a mere call to Shivangi can change your life forever.

Her accurate #tarot deck in India has followers from around the world and there is never a day when she does not read for someone or the other. She is available on all days of the week however a prior appointment confirmation is advised to avoid last minute waiting. So powerful are her readings that most people are in awe and consulting this legendary #divination expert is an experience in itself and her aura is experienced even days after a reading is conducted.

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