I was a manglic and was not getting the right person. I then got my astrological reading done here. The inputs given drastically changed my opinion of things. Then I had my cards read as well. The past is now the past and my world changed forever.


Sunanda Shah

Hi, its through your readings I have begun to have faith in tarot card reading…I want to thank you for introducing me to this wonderful creation and also want to give you great regards for bailing me of the miseries….



Genuine, likeable, relaxed and to the point. That was my tarot card reading with Shivangi. She did not beat around the bush, rather made things amply clear regarding events and people. This is how a true reading is conducted.


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Iconic Tarot Delhi

Every individual at some point of time in his/her life asks the self about career, relationship, marriage, health, family and travel etc. The person consults friends and family as well. However some questions are delicate and can be best answered by professionals. When the person then wishes to know the results of the direction to be taken or just simply the future, then consulting a seasoned professional occultist and iconic tarot Delhi is the answer.

Shivangi has a special deck of tarot cards. These are cleansed after every single reading session and also every morning and evening. This ensures that every single client receives only the finest from the best tarot reader in Delhi. Her famous and magical tarot deck is kept wrapped in a quality cloth and then in a magical box. Only during a professional tarot reading session is it taken out.

This special deck of tarot has changed and inspired the lives of thousands of clients including, celebrities, politicians, actors, sports person, and business magnates apart from people from all other walks of life. The reason for her success and the ability to deliver accurate tarot reading in Delhi every single time can be ascribed to her boldness. She is not someone who will hold back an answer or the truth. When her divine tarot deck speaks she interprets is exactly no matter how outlandish, bizarre or audacious it may seem. This means that she has remained true to her craft and continues to combine her core intuition and the meanings of the cards to deliver purposeful readings.

She does however expect her clients to remember one thing. The tarot readings are more potent when the client believes in them. The more religious the belief in a reading the stronger is the message of the cards. The cards have the ability to connect the subconscious of the reader and client and thus empower the reader further to provide the true divination. This then is also a trade secret of the iconic tarot legend of Delhi. Consult Shivangi today and know and control your future today.

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