Sakshi Bhasin

Life is all about numbers. I knew it, but when I went for a numerological reading I was surprised to see their influence on our day to day life. Things right infront of our eyes are missed but my online fortune teller was kind enough to provide ample time to me along with necessary answers.

New Delhi


Thank you Shivangi for the most wonderful runes reading session.


Saurabh Nagpal

I have had the most beautiful experience with you..It was so comfortable and easy to discuss my issues with you..I feel happy stronger and relaxed now..
Thank you…


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Why Get A Tarot Reading?

There was never a time in the existence of man when as a species we were so severally stressed. Individuals have reached the breaking point and some have taken the fatal route. This phenomenon is due to the modern lifestyle but also due to the lack of speaking with real people about their problems. Issues could range from failed love affairs or marriages to career breakdowns to family disharmony, all these people require genuine professionals to bring them out of the mess.

Tarot card readers provide a platform for people facing issues to share their problems and also to get assistance regarding their future. Tarot reading is a medium where one can pick card and ask questions. An expert tarot card reader like Shivangi will first understand the issue at hand . Then with the assistance of her magical deck of cards reveal the answers to questions.

For a person who goes for a tarot card reading the process is pretty simple. Ask the question and receive answer, that just about sums up a reading from a client’s perspective. However, for a tarot expert it takes a lot of energy, aura, and vision, knowledge of cards and combination and most importantly celestial intuition to provide genuine and authentic answers.

Why prefer a tarot reading over other forms? Quite simply, with this divination tool the answers are instant and there are no if’s and but’s. Millions of people around the globe prefer this form of fortuning precisely because it is effective and has yielded results for them. As the best tarot reader, Shivangi herself has conducted several thousand tarot session in the last fifteen years.

Why Shivangi? She is amongst the pioneers of online tarot reading and has been doing it with great success for several years. She provides personalized readings and conducts every session herself. And never forwards a session to other readers. So every time someone consults her, it is Shivangi who provides the answers. Accurate tarot reading requires a great resolve, discipline, focus, reservoir of energy and superhuman intuition. She possesses all these along with a zeal and mission to assist every single person who reaches out to her. She is not someone who will provide sugar coated answers. When one consults her, be prepared to receive honest and blunt answers which are unambiguous and as she sees in her visions through her cards. Remember, the power of a tarot card is in the ability to connect with the energy field of the person. The stronger the faith in the tarot reader, the better the bond will be which will ensure a true and positive reading and genuine answers.

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