For the 90 minutes of the reading I was in another world all together! It was a dream world no doubt, where all questions were dissected in detail and answered with composure and clarity. Good work.


Sunanda Shah

Hi, its through your readings I have begun to have faith in tarot card reading…I want to thank you for introducing me to this wonderful creation and also want to give you great regards for bailing me of the miseries….


Sakshi Bhasin

Life is all about numbers. I knew it, but when I went for a numerological reading I was surprised to see their influence on our day to day life. Things right infront of our eyes are missed but my online fortune teller was kind enough to provide ample time to me along with necessary answers.

New Delhi

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Coffee cup reader in Delhi

Ever since coffee cup reading in Delhi became famous and its divination ability began to be used by celebrities it has taken the occultist circle of Delhi by storm. What can a simple cup of coffee really do? What can it tell us about our past, present, immediate and long term future? Well in the hands of an oracle like Shivangi, amongst the few professional coffee cup readers in Delhi, a simple coffee sipping exercise can reveal the world.

Shivangi does not use ordinary coffee but has her own blend of coffee beans which she energizes with her energy prior to a coffee reading in Delhi. Once a client drinks the coffee from the celestial cup, everything changes. The patterns which emerge within the cup determine what the reader will predict. Only a very seasoned professional like Shivangi can reveal it perfectly and with great accuracy.

The patterns or symbols at the bottom of the cup are for the distant future. The one in the middle for the future in coming months and the ones at the brim denote the immediate future. Patterns will be significantly different in the cup and this is because the future at all stages will be differently except in a few rare cases where continuity may prevail.

As a true exponent and coffee cup reader in Delhi Shivangi can not only predict the future but also heal the person. This is because she is able to see what other readers cannot. That is she is also able to see the mental and psychological condition of the person and with it she can heal a person and recommend things to do or perform to heal faster.

The coffee cup readings in Delhi of Shivangi are very economical and easy available. This allows all people to consult her and take advantage and know their future and get complicated questions answered. Unlike any other divination expert Shivangi answers all questions, does not leave things to chance and is quite precise about her answers.

The power of a reading is also dependent on the person for whom the reading is getting conducted. If the person has firm belief in the fortuning being conducted then the aura will be strong and the reading will be better. For the most accurate reading in Delhi where no answers are ambiguous and all is possible consult Shivangi today.