Thank you Shivangi for the most wonderful runes reading session.



I had first contacted Shivangi in 2005. The session turned out to be wonderful. Now whenever I need to decide on important matters, I consult her and receive true answers which are not sugar coated but authentic.



For the 90 minutes of the reading I was in another world all together! It was a dream world no doubt, where all questions were dissected in detail and answered with composure and clarity. Good work.


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Celestial Coffee Cup Reader in Delhi

There are times in our lives when we try everything and yet nothing really seems to work for us. Despite our industriousness and faith things evaporate and our best of plans do not materialize. Then people consult one divination expert after another and try different occultist arts to see what their future truly holds. In such times of distress and agony several people have found succor in Shivangi, the famous celestial coffee cup reader in Delhi.

Shivangi has practiced this form of divination for over fifteen years and has read for celebrities and general public alike. During the course of her readings she has encountered people who have lost loved one due to fate, people have lost their love lives, and some are in search of success and others for love. There is hardly an issue or situation which she has not dealt with and provided conclusive results with the help of her coffee cup readings in Delhi.

Unlike other coffee cup readers in Delhi Shivangi procures the finest coffee and not just any coffee. This then is healed and energized with divine aura prior to a client consuming it. What this does is that the energy of the client, reader and the material used, in this case coffee are all in sync in terms of energy. This ensures that Shivangi is able to read the cup perfectly and provide the answers to questions asked and also introduce the future confidently to the client.

The prime goal of coffee cup reading in Delhi or any other divination art form is to provide insights into the future. The success of any of these endeavors depends largely on the experience, aura, intuition and professionalism of the reader. Shivangi possesses all these qualities and these then are also the reason for her astounding success as an accurate coffee cup reader in Delhi.  If you too wish to know the future and also involve your own energy to get the best reading possible, then consult Shivangi and know your future today.

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