Noor Akhtar

My mother had a seemingly incurable stomach ailment. Doctors gave up hope, so did we. Now, thanks to Shivangi, the ailment is gone due to her divine healing and smiles have come back into our lives.I am very weak in giving recommendations,but this one I would surely vouch for…


Sakshi Bhasin

Life is all about numbers. I knew it, but when I went for a numerological reading I was surprised to see their influence on our day to day life. Things right infront of our eyes are missed but my online fortune teller was kind enough to provide ample time to me along with necessary answers.

New Delhi


The best coffee cup reading ever. Shivangi read the cup with such surety that I had no doubts left in my mind. This is the finest coffee cup reading in the world folks, believe it.


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Accurate Tarot Card Reading in Delhi NCR

People are very curious when they opt for an online tarot card reading in Delhi NCR. Even though they have important questions they seek answers to, what the tarot reader is doing at the other end also plays on their minds. They are always perplexed and wish to know how tarot reading is conducted.

When a person consults Shivangi for a professional tarot reading in Delhi NCR, she first cleanses her tarot deck of all energies, be they negative or positive. Once the cards are cleansed she removes them from the special cloth and then as a psychic connects at a subconscious and spiritual level with the cards so that she can correctly decipher what they imply during a reading session.

She then spreads the cards across the wooden and glass table and is in unison with them. After understanding the core issues of the client she requests them to ask questions. As the clients begin to ask about various issues she pulls out cards from the deck and since her energies are in sync the correct card comes out which best sums up the situation. On its basis Shivangi is able to offer an accurate tarot card reading in Delhi NCR.

Even within tarot card reading, Shivangi offers specialized services. These include customized tarot card reading, comprehensive tarot card reading and love tarot card reading etc. The reason for multiple types of readings is that every individual and situation is different and hence a universal reading may not be suitable for all, and hence she has devised these specialized readings which are client specific. This strategy has been very successful and has led to thousands of reliable tarot readings in Delhi NCR.

Amongst the first questions people ask Shivangi is the amount of time they will receive in a reading. It is indeed a valid question because majority of professional tarot card readers in Delhi NCR provide limited time or a fixed time. Shivangi believes this hampers the quality of a reading because a client has to rush through his questions so that he may receive answers to all. The reason Shivangi became a professional reader was to assist as many people as she could. This for her is her life. Her craft cannot be limited to time and a client must never go back dejected or unhappy at not being able to ask all questions. Hence to ensure that all her clients are calm during a reading and are able to ask all relevant questions, she has not set a time limit to a reading. This is also a reason for her being the preferred tarot card reader in Delhi NCR.

Apart from providing sufficient time for a reading Shivangi’s unique traits include professionalism, accuracy, reliability, easily accessible, discipline and her impeccable experience and record as the best tarot reader in Delhi NCR. For a life changing divination and reliable future reading, consult Shivangi the quintessential oracle and take charge of your destiny today.

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