Tarot Reading Questions & Answers

1) What can tarot cards tell?
Tarot cards have the unique ability to decipher the past, present as well as the future. There is nothing that is outside their domain. The reason for the crisis or situation can also be accurately ascertained. Once the issue has been determined, such is the magical power of tarot cards reading that it can also offer practical and easy solutions. The path one seeks to choose in life can be precisely known by understanding the strengths and weaknesses with the help of the tarot deck.

2) Can tarot cards predict the future?
Yes, the tarot cards can accurately predict the future. Even the date and month of certain questions can be known when the cards are in the hands of a master expert like Shivangi.

3) Do tarot cards have connection with black magic?
Tarot cards are like chalk and cheese. Completely unrelated fields and have no resemblance either. The tarot deck is used to decipher the past, present and future by answering questions and they possess no ability to hurt anyone.

4) Can a person make their wishes come true through tarot?
Tarot cards are a tool. They provide insights to questions that one asks. With the answers a person can choose to have prior knowledge and thus can assist in making their wishes come true by following a plan.

5) Can tarot tell about past life?
When the tart deck is in the hands of legends like Shivangi, the past life can be known as well as revealed. Not all tarot readers have this ability and only who are masters and psychics possess this rare but exceptional ability.

6) How accurate is tarot reading?
A tool is as good as the practitioner. Similarly a magnificent tarot legend like Shivangi is renowned for her accuracy. Tarot card readings done by her have exceptional potency and are world renowned. Tarot readings can predict what one seeks and that too without any waiting period.  

Tarot reading

7) Is there any age restriction to do tarot reading?
As such there are no restrictions.  Tarot card reading can be done for a new born to an old person. However for children who are small, questions can be asked by parents or guardian, though there is no such compulsion.

8) Can tarot reading be done online?
Today online tarot card reading is the preferred mode of occult readings. This is because it is fast, economical as well as convenient as the personal presence is not required. This allows a person to ask intricate and person questions from the comfort of one’s environment.

9) What all aspects tarot can predict?
Tarot has the unique ability to predict about one’s love life, marriage, relationship, career, health, education, family, health, friends as well as spiritual life. Per se there is no aspect which is outside the purview of this famous occult form.

10) Can anybody read the tarot cards?
Just as anyone can become a doctor or engineer, one can also read cards with practice. But to be a professional it is important to possess exceptional intuitive skills as well as powers of a psychic. This is something which can only be learnt after decades of practice.

11) Is it true that the person has to pick the cards for reading?
What is important is the card that is picked and it does not matter if the card is picked by the reader or the person for whom the cards are being read. It is the energy of the cards and psychic which provides the answers by uniting and acting as a force multiplier.

12) How is tarot different from other Art Forms?
Tarot is a form which provides instant answers which are not promised by other occult forms. Again it is a form which can decipher not just the future, but past, present and most previous lives. The accuracy is best experienced to be believed and its aura remains unmatched.