Salt for self-protection and Daily Use

Of most things that can be utilized for protection and healing salt is by far the most economical and easily available. It can be used daily by everyone without fear of any negative impact. How the various salts like Himalayan, sea salt, rock salt etc. are to be utilized for healing and protection one can consult the expert Shivangi.  For regular use for self-protection and healing one may:

  • Mop the floor of the house with healed salt water. This will charge the energies of the house and create a positive aura.
  • Children are more prone to negative energies, evil eye and require more protection. For this one may wash their clothes by adding sea salt while washing and giving healed salt with food to eat.
  • While travelling one may keep a small pouch of sea salt in their wallet or purse to ward off negative energies.
  • Saffron and rock salt kept in a crystal bowl can be placed in the kitchen. This will purify the food and make it delicious.
  • Fruits and vegetables placed in salt water for about an hour will remove all negative energies from them and charge them, thus making them better to consume.
  • Pinch of salt in all corners of all the rooms in the house will keep the house safe from negative energies.
  • When the house is cleaned with water, some sea salt can be added and a bowl of salt kept at a decent height to absorb negative energies.
  • If there are regular altercations in the house then black pepper and salt can be kept in a crystal bowl at a decent height.
  • Women who are to be mothers must add healed salt to the water while bathing for better health and protection of the child.
  • Those who have insomnia can keep a glass of water mixed with a spoon of salt and keep it on one’s left side before sleeping and drain it in the morning. This procedure must be followed till one is cured.

Those who are negative in their outlook and feel negative vibes must add salt to bathing water.

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