Salt for Healers and Readers


Are you aware that even the most powerful healers and readers from across the world use several salts to heal not just others but even themselves? This is not some sort of black magic but rather a traiditonal method to make a person’s life better. For maximum effect a few points must be considered and kept in mind.

  • Crystals must be cleansed by mixing healed salt to rain water.
  • During meditation is one wishes to keep unwanted thoughts and negative energies away, one can a pinch of salt in the hands. Post the session the hands must be washed with plain water and aromatic soap.
  • Keeping a small pouch filled with healed rock salt in the tarot box will keep at bay energies of a previous reading.
  • To cleanse the tools of divinations arts like tarot cards, runes and crystal balls etc., it is advised to keep them soaked in healed salt for a day and then put them in sunlight. This will energize their aura and increase their predictive potential.
  • A salt water bath in the evenings is advised for all healers and for those who have conducted a session of health reading, this is a must to rid the self of any negative energies.
  • A spray bottle can be filled with sea salt and rosemary. This can be utilized to cleanse the tables, chairs and things that a person sits on or uses during a reading.
  • At the end of the week one can gaze at a sea salt. This must be done keeping in mind to remove all evil energies and negative vibes acquired during the week. Once done for a few minutes or till a person feels lighter, the salt can be drained away with water.
  • Healed salt must be sprinkled in all corners of the room where one conducts a reading or healing session, prior and post every session.
  • Sea salt crystals which have been healed can be kept with tarot cards, tea/coffee cups and crystal balls etc. This will keep the items pure at all times and ready whenever required.

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