Salt for Wealth

Not many people are aware that salt has traditionally been the attractor of wealth. It is used to increase wealth by following a few simple points. One must however remember that only when one has the belief will the remedy truly work. Again all rituals with salt work when the intentions are correct and there exists no mindset to cause any harm to another being.

  • Make sure that all areas used by a person are cleaned by adding salt to water.
  • All corners of the office or similar space used to generate income must be sprinkled with healed rock/sea salt once the place has been washed or dusted.
  • Doors, windows and entry/exit points must be sprinkled with healed salt to ward off negative energies and thoughts from entering this space.
  • To protect one’s wealth one must keep small pouches of salt in places of wealth and wallets/purses etc. This will ensure that the finances of a person will grow and wealth saved and created.
  • Many people are plagued by the evil eye. Such people can mix black pepper and salt outside the office and keep all negative energies and evil away.
  • Office table, cheque books, lockers, account books and all investment details must have close proximity to rock salt crystals to keep money safe and also to increase it with time.
  • Prior to an interview or important meeting or event healed salt in a clean cloth must be kept in one’s pocket or on the person. This will ensure that one has abundance of confidence and and the mind is free of all negative vibes and energies.
  • After a hectic day at the office or work one must return home and take a bath and put some healed salt in water. This will rejuvenate the energies and ward of all negative vibes that one may have been in or around.

These are some of the most common methods utilized by the rich to remain prosperous. However for any individual who is facing issues one may directly consult Shivangi and get a personalized chart and remedy to increase wealth and be more successful in business.

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