Salt for Students

The pressures on young students are tremendous. From taking challenging exams to competing at various levels to worrying about their careers at an early age, students often find themselves in difficult situations. All this impacts their aura and their natural energies tend to diminish and flutter. A few simple methods can change that and positively increase a child’s dwindling energy.

  • Students out of sheer exhaustion tend to procrastinate. Fruits and vegetables washed with sea salt water and given as food to students reduce and end the lazy tendency in them.
  • When students are given a healed salt lamp to keep on their study tables the results are miraculous.
  • The living and study room of the students must be mopped with healed sea salt water to charge the energies of the rooms and also create the positive vibes in their minds.
  • A crystal bowl filled with charged or healed sea salt must be kept on the table of students to allow them better concentration and retention skills.
  • Sea salt can be wrapped in a fresh cloth and kept amongst the shelves, drawers, bags and books of students bring about a change in the mind of the students and they feel better and find it easier to remember and concentrate on their studies.
  • Small sea salt crystal wrapped in a clean cloth can be kept in the student’s pencil box and shirt pocket. This allows the energies of the salt to work and all that was studied is remembered and the mind stays calm and at ease thus bringing about positive results.

For students facing individual issues and plagued by similar problems one can directly consult Shivangi and get a resolution. She provides healed salt and crystals andcaters to individuals who are interested in using salt as a traditional medicine and way to bring about a change in their lives.She is a professional expert and deals with such cases on a regular basis and has brought about a positive and meaningful impact in their lives.

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