Salt for Love

Salt has exceptional expertise in creating beautiful love. For ages it has been used across cultures to ensure cordial relationships. Ancient religious stories portray salt being put in water and the Lord saying, “Now I have healed this water”. Traditionally such has been the power of salt. Not only can it attract but it has the tendency to keep lovers united, provided a few points are kept in mind.

  • An expert advised healed salt must be preferred as it is more potent and so constructed to increase love and better relationships.
  • One who wishes to attract love or bring vitality into a dreary married life must wash bed sheets and his/her clothes as well as those of the partner by adding a pinch of salt.
  • Once bed sheets are washed, healed rock or Himalayan pink salt must be put in rose water and sprinkled on the bed sheet prior to sleep to enhance the relationship and bond of love.
  • Every few days mattresses and pillows must be kept in the sun with some healed salt sprinkled over them.
  • For Couples who tend to fight for no apparent reason glass bowls containing healed sea salt must be kept in the bedroom to soak negative energies and vibes and create a positive environment.
  • Salt crystals enclosed in cloth kept with washed clothes bring peace between couples and in the house.
  • When food is being cooked and salt is about to be put the welfare of the partner must be on the mind for more love and no quarrels.
  • Prior to sleep one must rub healed sea salt on the hands and wash with rose water for a better relationship and a new start in life.

Therapies take some time but are very potent and have transformed the lives of thousands of people around the world. When these exercises are begun it is important to believe in them for faster and better result. Which healed salt is to be used for love varies from person to person and only a professional expert must be consulted for genuine results.

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