Salt for Health

Life can be improved and a person’s health healed emotionally, mentally as well as physically by incorporating the benefits of salt in one’s life. If a person is prone to diseases or falls sick regularly then salt can bring about a revolutionary change by following a few simple points.

• One must use healed rock/sea salt to mop the floors.
• For those who are sick or fall sick often, a crystal bowl half filled with water and healed salt can be kept near the head. This will significantly reduce the health problems. The water must be changed every day for a faster effect.
• A sick person must be given sea salt rather than other salts with food and it will be best if the salt is healed.
• Sea salt crystals kept wrapped in cloth advised by the healer must be kept in the medicine box for faster healing.
• Healed salt pouches must be kept in all corners of the patient’s room to ward of further problems and reduce existing ones.
• Sea salt must be charged in sunlight and only then food must be cooked with it which is to be donated by or on behalf of the sick person.
• A person or patient who is plagued by depression or anxiety etc. must resort to daily evening baths with sea salt. This brings forth mental peace.
• Fruits and vegetables washed with sea salt prior to cooking and then placed in plain water energize the foods and also heal them. These then given to the patient show spectacular results.
• Every Tuesday and Saturday one can take healed salt with the left hand and touch it to the patient’s belly and forehead and then drain it away with water. This method is used for faster healing.
• Salt must be changed every Saturday.

Most people tend to face one or the other issues regarding health from skin to mind to their organs. Salt can be used to sure many issues and also reduce the impact of major diseases. A traditional medicine salt is still the obvious choice of most healers and traditional occultists.

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