Salt for Career

Salt For Career

The modern world has seen a revolutionary trend in career. Be it men or women the competitiveness is at an all-time high and so are the pressures of time, office and personal life. An easy method to overcome career pressures and also to succeed is right at hand. This is the use of healed salt to boost one’s career.

  • Keep healed salt wrapped in a clean cloth on the office table. This will keep negative energies at a distance.
  • Sprinkle healed salt in the office and room for better performance.
  • If you need motivation in office, keep rose petals along with salt in the drawers of the table and also in and around the office space.
  • If you are seeking a good career then carry a small pouch of healed salt in your shirt pocket. This will soak anything thrown at you during the interview and you will be able to answer questions without any inhibitions.
  • For those still in college and planning a dream career it is advisable to keep healed salt in books or works relevant to the career one has chosen.
  • If one faces turmoil in office on a regular bases and there is friction with colleagues or management then keeping a small pouch of salt in the pocket or wallet will work wonders.

Career today is one of the most important components of a person’s life and the challenges faced are enormous. The healed salt program of Shivangi, the universal healer will definitely ignite, revive and revitalize your career.


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