Runes Questions & Answers

1) What is a rune reading?
The runes are an ancient occult form. Legend has it that they were used by the Nordic God’s to predict their own future and also the fate of mankind. Runes are a set of symbols and they can be deciphered only by a thorough professional with exceptional insights into the world of occult. 

2) Can it predict the future?
Yes. It can predict the future with such accuracy that it can baffle even the best of minds. In the hands of a true master like Shivangi of fame, they are magnificent.

3) Is it as accurate as other art forms?
All occult art forms have their own USP. Again, the art form is only as good as the reader. An experienced expert can make the runes reading experience, a once in a lifetime one and predict events and affairs which are purely out of the world.

4) Is runes reading associated with magic?
Runes are indeed magic for the ordinary people. In the hands of the reader, they are a set of symbols which offer insights into the issues and their possible solutions.

5) Are runes read by witches and people who do black magic?
One who has practiced any art form like runes could be any person. He/she may use it to hurt people with black magic or help people in taking better decisions in life like Shivangi. Mankind enjoys the freedom of free will and thus one may use it as per their convenience.

Runes reading

6) Is a rune reading the oldest form of reading and healing?
Yes, a rune reading is indeed by far the oldest reading and healing form. Their signs exist from the ancient world and since they were in legend a regular feature in the lives of the God’s, they are the oldest and some say even the wisest and most accurate.

7) Are runes readers connectors of god’s?
In the hands of a true master, they can connect the person to the sub conscious, cosmos and some say even the Gods. There if no doubt that the runes contain within them a supernatural ability and when their energies are utilized to search the highest self, success is never far from the person.

8) Can runes reading heal a person’s problem?
Yes, runes are certainly capable of healing a person by offering realistic solutions and paths which can transform a person’s life.

9) Can anyone read runes?
Can anyone be a maths or physics professor? A person must possess a certain level of intellect, intelligence and liking for the subject to be an expert. Similarly a runes reader must devote a decades to master this art form and predict accurately with it like Shivangi. This is by far the toughest occult art to master and must have the blessings of the creator and nature to truly be an expert.  

10) Is it true that runes sign can create distraction on human life?
Energy in itself is neutral and so are runes. They do not harm unless a vicious runes reader has cast a spell. Most runes readers only predict the future and the runes are renowned for changing a person’s life. In the modern world there is no known case of runes creating distraction in human life.