Psychic Questions & Answers

1) What can a psychic reveal?
A psychic can reveal the past present as well as future of a person and events. The question can pertain to any sphere of life, a qualified and expert psychic like Shivangi of fame is always in a position to reveal what is truly desired when a question is asked.

2) How accurate is a psychic reading?
Psychic readings are highly effective and accurate. In the hands of professionals who are also born occultists, a psychic reading can transform the life of a person forever. The accuracy of this form of reading has to be experienced to be believed.

3) Can anyone get a psychic reading?
Yes, a psychic reading is for every person who feels the need to know answers to situations.

4) How does an online psychic work?
An online psychic like a regular psychic uses her intuition as well as the aura within. This is through the powers of the subconscious connected with the person. This allows the psychic to have insights into the person, thus allowing the psychic to reveal the answers.

Psychic reading

5) Is there any negative side to a psychic reading?
No. The psychic reading has no negative energy involved. In fact a psychic reading can be used to remove existing negative energy, vibes or spells which have been cast on a person.

6) How to find out if my psychic reader is genuine?
Firstly in today’s world, it is imperative that the psychic has a website. This allows a person to understand all that is provided and possible.  Secondly, online ratings on independent platforms can be checked. This will explain how the performance has been so far. Thirdly it is important to see if the person is a part time psychic or is a full time professional. A full time professional will charge and not provide services for free, since this would be her full time profession.

7) What details are required for a psychic reading?
A psychic reading unlike other occultist forms does not require details of a person. However, if the need be the psychic herself will ask questions related to the person which will assist her in providing more accurate and authentic answers.   

8) How is a psychic reading different from other fortune telling forms?
Psychic reading is a connect between the reader and the read at a sub conscious, spiritual as well as at the energy level. The psychic reader then relies purely on her intuition. Unlike any other form, a psychic uses the energy of the cosmos which is not the case in forms that use tools.

9) Can Psychic reading reveal the spiritual side of a person?
Yes. A genuine psychic reading can connect a person to the spiritual side. More than any other occultist art form a psychic reader can ignite the spark by putting a person in a comfortable frame of mind. Then the path to the true connects with the divine within and about is revealed. Time taken will vary depending on the person’s ability to grasp what has been revealed and explained.