Numerology Questions & Answers

1) What details do you need for numerology reading?
The details primarily pertain to the exact date of birth. Since it is quintessentially the art of numbers, a numerologists will take down details related to them.

2) What can numerology tell?
Numerology can predict about love, affairs, betrayals, relationships, marriage, travel, education and health.

3) How is it different from other art forms?
Unlike other fortune telling forms, numerology requires the science of numbers. Correct positions and times are what matters for this art while other forms of divination or not so much dependent on numbers.

4) Is numerology as accurate as other occult arts?
Occult forms are as good as the reader. In the hands of a true master, numerology can work wonders and predict about all aspects of life with great accuracy and certainty.


5) Are numerology and astrology similar?
Since astrology is also dependent on the date of birth etc., they can be said to be similar. However that is where the similarities end. Numerology is all about numbers while astrology considers the celestial planetary movements to predict the future.

6) How is numerology done?
A numerologist will ideally take down the details regarding date of birth and find out the number associated with it. Then on that basis, the remaining questions will be answered.

7) Can numerology predict the future?
Yes, it most certainly can. In the hands of an expert and professional like Shivangi, the results are accurate and path breaking. Her revolutionary predictions for celebrities and common folk alike have given numerology a cult status amongst those who have used this service for fortune telling.

8) How accurate is numerology?
Whenever numerology is used as it ought to be by experienced professionals, it has shown remarkable accuracy. Again it is wise to prefer experts like Shivangi who are well renowned and easily accessible to gain the best insight with this magical occult art.