Without it all foods and spices will have no value and a mere pinch of it does wonders to the palate. Are you aware that this basic yet quintessentially brilliant ingredient is extremely powerful and one of the best gifts bestowed by nature to man? Our common salt is precisely just that, a wonder and universal healer.

  • From time immemorial it has been used by healers and experts to heal people, physically as well as mentally thus curing a person.
  • It has been used by old Shaman’s and priests to guard against evil and negative energies and vibes.
  • Physicians across continents have used it as alternate therapy on patients and thus empowered them to heal themselves.
  • Its magical abilities have been used at home and outside in various forms.
  • Its powers of protection are well renowned and documented in several cultures.
  • Across the ancient and middle ages, people who required cleansing widely utilized this marvelous and potent ingredient.
  • Salt has the power to attract wealth if utilized properly and under the guidance of an expert.
  • The rush of modern life has taken away the peace from lives of people and salt is universally acclaimed in bringing peace to those who seek and desire it.
  • If a person wishes to be more prosperous even then salt can be a great contributor as it is considered the attractor and keeper of prosperity and fortune.
  • If one requires purification of the mind, body or spirit, then salt can play a major role under the tutelage of an expert.

Salt is a blessing to mankind and those who are aware of its limitless powers, use it regularly in their lives. As someone who provides healed salt to people for various issues, I personally use Himalayan pink salt, rock salt, sea salt, black and basic desert salt. All salts are for providing cures and with good intentions to make the lives of people better and never involve any negative traits as some think, like negative energies, black magic or evil etc. It is used only and only to bring joy and positivity in a person’s life and help fulfill their dreams. For making salt a regular part of one’s daily life it is important to ensure that the salt rituals are carried out effectively and with precision for ideal results. Again intentions and belief are equally important because only by believing in a ritual with clean and just intentions can it work its wonder.

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