History of Salt

The human body consists of various salts. These are utilized by the body to run optimally. This was realized by the traditional shamans thousands of years ago. What the body was composed of could also save it from negativity, evil and omens were a forgone conclusion. Salt could not only protect but also heal led to the widespread use of the item and this custom has prevailed and continues to be the most common and utilized article.

  • It is used not only in traditional but also modern medicine.
  • In the past open wounds were treated with salt and many diseases were kept at a distance by mixing water with salt and sprinkling the house and its surroundings with this mixture.
  • Small bacterial infections and fungi etc. were controlled with the assistance of salt.
  • Salt’s use has been extensive in the healing world.
  • Previously shamans and today priests and occultists use special mantras to heal and energize various types of salts. These are then used to protect and heal people.
  • A person could be plagued by evil energies or suffering mental and psychical trauma, specific healed salts can work wonders in improving the condition.
  • Healers use the salts in various ways; however, they first understand the problem of a person and then on the basis of their experience and knowledge advise the healed salt to use and also the method to incorporate for maximum effect.
  • The importance is salt can be gauged from the fact that it was used as a method of payment in the ancient world. Salt has been in several cultures used for purposes of divination and healing is well known.

What can be said with conviction is that salt was the go to ingredient in the ancient world and also the most reliable be it for divination, healing or medicine. Modern oracles who know this are able to be conduct better healing and reading sessions and clients can vouch for that. Thousands of people use healed salts and use its energy to enhance their aura and lead constructive lives.

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