Healing Questions & Answers

1) How does healing work?
Healing through the traditional means requires exceptional powers of concentration, energy and divine gifts in the form of insights and connects. A traditional healer after understanding the concern passes positive energy to the person. This cannot be seen but felt and experienced by the person who is being healed. Along with this, the healer may also recommend, herbs, minerals, stones, fragrances, talismans, spices, soaps and healed salts etc. These are used individually or in combinations depending on the requirement of the person to be healed and have a great following in people who understand this method.

2) Can healing make my wishes come true?
No. Healing cannot make dreams come true. However, a true healer like a guru can be a guide who can assist in achieving the dreams.

3) Does one person have to keep consulting healers time and again?
Whenever a person feels the need to consult and know that the same will be of use, they may be consulted.

4) Is healing a definite solution?
Healing does take time as it is not supernatural magic. If one gives it enough time and believes in its powers, then yes, such solutions can be had.

5) What all healing can do?
Healing can resolve mental, psychological as well as physical pain. This may be old or new, but a true healer like Shivangi of www.shivangitarot.com fame can help in overcoming the pains. Issues related to love, pets, friends, family and career etc can all be resolved.

6) Are healers magicians?
No they are not magicians but in fact are much more. They possess divine gifts with which they are able to heal and these are considered magic by those who are healed.

7) Can anyone heal themselves through these healings?
Yes. Any and every one can use the healings. They are pure and have no side effects whatsoever.

8) What age group can take healing?
From those who are not yet born, to those who are young, to old, to those who have departed from the world. Healing is perhaps the only form that can be used by all.

9) Can healing bring back my lover make me rich and look youthful?
Healing can try and bring all of the above. However, only what is finally written and is for the best will come to you.


10) Can healers heal my aunt’s cancer?
Before the advent of modern medicine it was the healers that the world went to. They were responsible for curing one and all. So yes, a true, traditional and experienced healer can cure just about any disease.

11) Is healing an expensive art?
A professional healer who does just healing will certainly charge. However, it will still be less than most doctors and medicines.

12) Does healing cause negativity in a person’s life?
In fact to the contrary it actually brings positivity into a person’s life.

13) Can I grow my age with the help of healing?
A person can most certainly improve the health. This in turn can lead to a happier and joyous life. As far as the length of the life over and above what is destined is considered, is not possible.

14) Can healing be really done on pets? My dog is really unwell?
As long as any being or life form exists, no matter where it may be, it can be healed.

15) What kind of healings do u do?
Distance and face to face healing via energy transfer, crystal healing, healing with, soaps, aromas, herbs, spices and salts etc. are some prominent methods used.

16) Are the products mentioned on your site really expensive?
They are handpicked from across the world and then healed. Yet they are economical so that all can use them regularly.

17) Is healing really possible from distance?
Distance healing is a reality. In the hands of a master, distance is insignificant. An energy reservoir can transfer positivity to heal from anywhere, and that is why today, this form of healing is back in vogue, if it had flaws, the art would have died out. That it flourishes is testimony enough for its aura and brilliance.

18) What must a person remember before going for healing?
A healer can be of optimum use only if all is resolved to her. Hiding facts may delay the progress and even hinder it. Hence it is wise to reveal all the details so that the healer may use her expertise with full knowledge and ensure faster recovery.