Do’s and Don’ts of Salt

I’ve written several articles on salt so that one can take advantage, derive maximum benefit and utilize to the optimum the knowledge gained. There are however some very important do’s and don’ts regarding the usage of these healed salts;

  • Salt may be kept in a clean cloth suggested by the expert. It may also be kept in a wooden or metal box advised by the expert for particular usage.
  • Salt which has moisture should not be used as its energy cannot be utilized. Soggy salt has no benefits and hence must be avoided.
  • Salt which has been or is being used and comes under somebody’s feet must be replaced as the energies are destabilized or displaced.
  • Once the salt has been used under the guidance and instruction for a said period or particular time frame, it must not be reused.
  • Two types of salts must not be mixed together. Doing this will negate their energies and free flow of aura will not occur.
  • If one has received salt as a gift then using it for magical healing etc. purposes must be avoided.Gifted salt contain the energies of another person unlike salt which is bought.
  • Salt which is utilized for cooking and from the same bag must not be used. For magical healing purposes set aside the salt and use it for this purpose only.
  • Salt which is to be used for healing purposes must not be kept in plastic bags, containers or polythene. Plastic has the tendency to soak the energy of salt, hence it is best avoided. Instead use the material that the expert has suggested.
  • Any person may use the magical salt healing concepts without any issues or problems as the therapies have no negative or side effects. Persons of all ages, cultures and genders can benefit from these methods.

If one desire is to experience the complete magic and healing properties of salt then it must be kept in an environment which is clean, hygienic and well washed and dusted. This allows free flow of energy and for the salt to work its magic.