Coffee Cup Reading Questions

1) How is coffee reading different?
Unlike other divination forms coffee is used in this future reading art. This special coffee has the ability to show the past, present and future in a single cup. Trivial issues as well as major problems can be resolved in the same reading. The signs in the cup provide a clear picture to the questions asked. This reading requires special psychic skills, knowledge and ability to decipher, which Shivangi possesses in abundance.

2) What kind of coffee is used?
Very special coffee beans are selected and then energized for fortune telling. Once energized, this Arabian, Danish or Turkish coffee is used by the person as a normal drink and the residue left in the cup is utilized to answer questions.

3) Where is this art from?
This occult form is believed to be from Arabia, even though it was spread by gypsies across the world in the middle ages.

4) Does it solve a person’s problem?
This is perhaps the most important question and the answer is a resounding yes. Not only are problems solved, but even the cause behind them is revealed thus providing the person with exceptional insight.

5) Can it be done distantly?
Once the person has consumed the coffee then the questions can be asked and answers received immediately.

6) Can coffee reading be accurate?
Coffee cup reading time and again baffles people with its stupendous clarity and accuracy. It has the ability to connect a person to his subconscious as well as cosmic energies and alters a person positively forever.

Coffee cup reading

7) How is it different from other art forms?
Since the ingredient used is natural and is consumed, the effects and results are vast and accurate. It uses the energies of the reader and the person at the same time, unlike other forms which require more energy from the reader.

8) Is it related to causing harm or black magic to a person?
No, it has no black magic qualities but can reveal if someone has done black magic on a person. This can be revealed, provided the reader is an expert and a professional with years of experience like Shivangi.

9) Can anyone be a coffee reader?
Five to six years of practice under an able guide is required to be an accurate coffee cup reader. Beginners are advised to use tarot and coffee cup reading together to learn better and utilize energies of the two domains.

10) Can coffee cup reading provide solutions?
Yes, under an able professional like Shivangi, solutions can be had. This magical reading allows people to see spheres which they had never thought of as possible. This paves the way for practical solutions which can be logically implemented.

11) What is more accurate coffee or tarot or other arts?
Occult art forms accuracy has a lot to do with the expertise of the reader. In the hands of a professional most occult art forms have tremendous accuracy and it is better to compare the accuracy of the experts rather than the arts. Some questions may be better answered better with tarot and others with coffee cup reading. One may consult a professional like Shivangi, and ask which will suit better, and choose accordingly.

12) What all can coffee cup reading predict?
The distinct past, present, future and previous lives are all within the purview of this mystical esoteric art form. One can know about, relationship, love, health and wealth too. People who believe in celestial signs can be best served with this form of divination.

13) Can only a female entity be a coffee cup reader?
It is generally believed that women have an extra sense and hence make better occultist. However, anyone with an aptitude, knowledge, powers of intuition and psychic can be a reader and the gender is immaterial.